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Wildwind sailing mauritius sailing conditions

Sailing conditions -

A true exotic sailing paradise!

Mauritius has beautiful summer weather year round, and the perfect breeze for calm and steady sailing. You are sure to have a great time on, around and under water!

Wildwind sailing mauritius sailing equipment

Sailing equipment –

Everything you need to enjoy yourself

Wildwind Sailing brought a complete array of boats, diving, windsurfing and waterski gear to the island - it is waiting for you right here on the beach!

Wildwind sailing mauritius relaxed social

Our relaxed social atmosphere -

An amazing island with a friendly crowd

You will not just marvel over Mauritius because of its natural beauty, but also because of the kind and friendly population. Combined with the relaxed and fun loving crowd that Wildwind Sailing typically attracts, you are sure to enjoy your time with us!

Wildwind sailing mauritius amazing activities in mauritius

Amazing activities -

A new adventure every day

Wildwind Sailing offers a truly amazing range of activities in and around the water. With our Plus holiday, you are also treated to a number of adventures trips on the island itself.

Ww mru so much more to do mauritius sparkling gem

So much more to do -

Mauritius is a sparkling gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is a sparkling gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Its vast array of cultures and tastes have made this charming island one of the world’s most exclusive holiday destinations.